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We Will Meet and Exceed All Your Expectations With Our Satisfaction Guarantee

We Were the First to Do Both Oil and Water in the Hudson Valley New York

Leaders in the Industry

We where the first to do both oil and water in the Hudson Valley New York. PLEASE ASK YOUR CONTRACTOR FOR THERE INSURANCE CERTIFICATE AND LICENSE #. We were also the first contractor to tape around house walkways and walls.


We use a SEALMASTER product. This is the sealer that i use on my driveway. Back many years ago it was told water base will not soak in the asphalt . This is not true. With this product about 15-20% soaks in and the rest will stay on top. That is why you want a light coat. Never put one heavy coat on. If the driveway is very dry then we would do two light coats. In the Hudson Valley, Mr blacktop was the first company to offer both sealers.

We realize that not every driveway is the same and they all need different things. Water base can not be put on a driveway when the driveway is very cold or dirty. If this is done it will not soak and bind to the asphalt. NEVER PUT WATER BASE OVER OIL BASE.


Oil-based sealer is the best for driveways from the ages of 1-4 years old. if your driveway has a lot of cracks, oil stains or on a hill this is not what kind of sealer you want to use. Oil-based sealer is the same thing your driveway is made of. when this is  sprayed on your driveway it sinks into the pavement. this help’s the driveway stay flexible.

A driveway is always moving and expanding due to frost or from driving. So the more flex the fewer cracks you will get. Also what oil is great for is if you need to fix a spot on the driveway you can re-heat the blacktop and blend it where you cant notice it. (THE DOWNFALL) This is only a one-year sealer. Also even with sand added it will be slick. NEVER EVER PUT OIL BASE OVER WATER BASE. IT WILL NOT DRY OR DO A THING FOR THE DRIVEWAY!!!!

Locally Owned & Operated

Mr. Blacktop’s team members are professional and thoroughly trained to give you a quality job to last for years to come.  Whether it be a new asphalt driveway, sealcoating, tar, and chip, or all types of gravel we will meet and exceed all your expectations with our satisfaction guarantee.

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