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New Driveway Care & Tips

When considering your new driveway, there are several important factors to keep in mind.

Firstly, power steering marks are common and can be avoided by not stopping and cutting the wheel while turning.

Additionally, watering the driveway on hot days can help prevent these marks. It’s crucial to remember that the edges of the driveway are the weakest part and should be backfilled after the job is completed.

Driving on the edges, especially with large trucks, can cause them to break, so exercise caution.

For proper maintenance and to maintain any guarantees, it’s recommended to have Mr. Blacktop Inc. handle the seal coating of your driveway. Sealcoating is essential to keep your driveway flexible and durable, similar to how a car engine needs oil.

For new driveways, an asphalt base rejuvenator is recommended as it can soak in and enhance flexibility. After 6-8 years, switching to water-based sealers might be necessary based on the driveway’s condition.

Once the water-based sealer is used, you cannot revert to oil/asphalt base sealer. Repairing a water-based driveway can be challenging as it requires cutting out sections instead of heat and blend techniques, resulting in visible joints.

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