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Why You Should Have Your Driveway Sealed

There is nothing in the world like a properly cared-for blacktop driveway. In order to keep your driveway looking good and functioning safely, it’s important to take care of it. Even though blacktop is a solid, durable surface, there are many sources that could still cause lasting damage to the surface over time. Blacktop sealing protects your blacktop driveways from these types of damage, extending the life and integrity of your surface. Investing in sealing your blacktop driveways every couple of years, as opposed to having to fully pave your blacktop due to serious damage, will save you money in the long run. It is recommended by experts that you have your blacktop sealed every three to five years to prevent damages.  

For those who choose to put money into their blacktop driveways or parking lots, it’s important to have lasting results. Sealcoating protects your investment for the long term. Making the decision to invest in blacktop paving every few years will prevent you from having to completely replace your blacktop later. Sealcoating your blacktop surface can prevent the need for more frequent repairs. Unsealed pavement is susceptible to cracks and can chip away at the edges, requiring blacktop repair

Blacktop driveways and parking lots are constantly dealing with damage coming from chemicals associated with vehicles. This includes gasoline, oil, salt, and oxidation. These chemicals will, over time, damage the surface of blacktop driveways thus weakening it and making further damage more likely. Blacktop sealing protects blacktop driveways from harsh chemicals, preventing the need for future blacktop repair. 

Another thing that takes its toll on the blacktop over time is the weather, and when it comes to blacktop paving in Poughkeepsie, NY, we know you need to be ready for all kinds of weather. Elements that can damage pavement include, but are not limited to rain, snow, ice, sun, heat, and wind. Blacktop sealing protects your surface from the effects of weather, preventing damage and potential need for repairs. Speaking of weather, sealing blacktop driveways allows snow and ice to melt more quickly. This reduces the amount of snow shoveling that will be necessary. It will also make surfaces driveable sooner after bad weather, something we’re very familiar with given our years of experience driveway sealing in Dutchess County NY. Increasing the safety of public and private driveways and parking lots is one of the top benefits of blacktop paving.

Blacktop sealing makes the surface of your driveway look darker, shinier, and smoother, which enhances not only its own appearance, but the appearance of the building, house, or land around it. It also seals cracks, preventing weeds and grass from popping up through. Experts recommend blacktop driveways be sealed every one to three years for best results. A better estimate within that time would be based on how often it appears to need it. The sealcoating wears off over time due to traffic, weather, and chemicals. Don’t wait until your driveway is cracking or chipping away before you decide to look into sealcoating. At that point you will also be in need of blacktop repair in addition to the sealcoating.

The process of blacktop sealing requires clear weather with no rain for four to five days. Grass and greenery need to be cut back from the edges of the pavement. The blacktop must be cleaned of any grass clippings, dirt, gravel, or any other materials. Cracks and holes are patched first and given time to dry before sealcoating is applied. Blacktop paving may require a few coats of sealer to sufficiently cover the blacktop. After the blacktop paving process is complete, the driveway must remain off-limits to vehicles for 72 hours and foot traffic for at least 24 hours.

If you’re interested in having your blacktop driveway sealed by one of the talented and professional blacktop contractors at Mr. Blacktop, call us at (845)-227 8676. We hope to hear from you soon.

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